Frontend developer internship

Internship description

We have an immediate need for a Front End developer intern in our Novi Sad Office. We are willing to invest our time and expertise to help you achieve bad-ass Front End development skills, all you have to do is to be willing to learn and invest your own time. You will be working and learning with a team of young and keen developers, always willing to share their knowledge. Working hours are 9 to 5 from Monday to Friday. Besides all of this, we offer you substantial quantities of coffee, tea, juices, and sweets. 🙂 The ultimate goal of the internship is the possibility of employment if your skills meet our requirements.

Skills & Requirements

  • HTML 5
    Browser compatibility, Valid HTML, Basic SEO, HTML5 standards
  • CSS 3
    Basic knowledge of fonts and typography, CSS3 Animations, Clean code, Responsive
  • SCSS
    Basic knowledge of Variables, Mixins, Operators, Nesting and Inheritance
  • Vanilla JS
    Events, Functions, Selectors, Loops, Conditional statements
  • JQuery
    Events, Functions, Selectors, Animations, Filters
  • Ajax
    Basic requests from client side to server side
  • GIT
    Basic git usage (pull, commit, push, checkout..)
  • GULP
    Basic knowledge of GULP toolkit

Sounds Good?

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