10 Reasons You Need a Small Business Website

The world wide web has been so useful since the time they were invented. Aside from available books on libraries, students also rely on the internet for various options of references, may it be for simple homework or research purposes. Some other uses of the internet are communicating through social media. Unlike ages ago when people who are far from each other communicate through writing and phone calls, families and friends who are living apart can actually see each other in just a few clicks. These are just some of the advantages and use of the internet, but one of its more effective use is for business purposes.

Aside from social media, some websites today are made for blogging to suit your personal interest, and some are for earning money. Blog and website platforms like WordPress and Tumblr can actually help you in building your website. Before you create your first website though, you should ponder on some things to avoid unnecessary expenses and wasted efforts.

If you aren’t convinced yet, here are the reasons why building a website for your business is needed.

1. Inexpensive Advertising


TV, radio and newspaper advertisements are the primary method of companies and business owners to promote their products and services. This way, people from far or non-urban places are reached by these products. Another method is through distributing brochures. The problem about this though is the limited number of people your product would reach.
Because advertising on TV, radio, newspapers, and brochures can be costly, the products and services you offer can likewise be promoted through another method: social media, websites, or blogs. This is especially ideal if you are just starting your business and you don’t have a big fund and spending money on your products and services is your priority. Many business or product owners nowadays use Facebook pages and groups to sell their goods. The only downside about this though is the number of reports about scamming.

On the other hand, if you choose to use WordPress, Tumblr, or any blogging and website platform other than Facebook or Twitter, you can design and customize your website according to your taste and what your business is about. Several themes are specifically made for restaurants, bakeshops, and hotels. This may also cost you money if in case you chose to use a premium theme or you hire someone who’s skilled in coding, but it won’t be as expensive as advertising through big media. Like the stereotype advertising, you may also promote your products and/or services by using pictures and videos, but unlike the first method, making use of pdf documents to explain what your goods offer is another option.

Another and one important thing is that you’ll have more customers. Since people are now getting tech-savvy and are more inclined to use the internet, there’s a big possibility that you’ll reach thousands of people who might get to know your products and services and become potential customers.



2. Proof


One of the things consumers do before buying a product or service is checking online whether these goods are worth buying or not. Smart consumers look for reviews about products to ensure that what they are spending their money on would be worthy. This is also their way of comparing products in terms of quality, price, and effectiveness.Reviews can both be good and bad, depending on the satisfaction of your customers. The way to counter-attack the negative ones is proving that you have excellent products and/or services, and this is only achieved when you post their features.It’s an optional step to use FourSquare, Bing, and even Facebook and other business review sites for potential customers, but providing your consumers a testimonial section on your site would be convenient for them. With this, they won’t need to consume time searching for your products’ reviews as your all-in-one website has them!

3. Open for 24 Hours


Even big names when it comes to business have to close their offices and operations when nightfall comes. Establishment buildings and offices need to be locked up and guarded 24/7. Additionally, they sometimes make potential target for burglars which may result in harmed workers and loss of money and assets.

On the other hand, using a website as your online store won’t make you worried about the safety of your office and properties. Another advantage is that there would be no geographic restrictions, so even if you are in the western side of the world and you have customers from the east, they won’t have to travel to your place just to buy your products. Not only that. Your business still operates even if it’s not between 9am and 5pm.

So if someone decided to check and buy your products even after regular office hours, you are sure to earn profits even when you are soundly sleeping in the comfort of your bed at 3 in the morning.



4. Appearance in Search Engines Results

Aside from good reviews that can make your website popular, building a website itself for your business may help you reach a large number of customers. The first thing consumers do when they are planning to buy something is to search online. This is convenient because they don’t have to go to malls and shopping centers just to buy; they can already do that with just a click of the button on their smartphones.

People normally choose the top five results that appear on Google or other search engines upon searching for something. They usually stop even at the first page once they found what they are looking for. So, if you are knowledgeable in CSS coding or have enough money, you may talk to your web developer about using this method so your website gets on the top results when people search for products and services like the ones you offer.

5. Business Legitimacy and Credibility

If you have a business, especially if it’s online, you are required to include your contact details, may it be a personal or office number and email address, but this isn’t enough sometimes. Facebook alone can be credible, but it continues to get dragged down by reports of scamming and other illegal activities. Because of this negative impact on businesses that use Facebook as their primary platforms, it is much more advisable to build a website instead of relying on Facebook and other social media websites alone. This way, you’ll gain the trust of your customers with the same credibility a business with real physical address has.

6. Cost Effective

When you consider starting a business, you should always keep in mind that you’ll have to spend money on several stuffs you need. You’ll have to think of factors in building your office such as the location where you’ll build your office, construction materials, construction workers, and even the electrical system design. That doesn’t end there, unfortunately. You’ll have to hire office workers and other supplies you’ll need in your office. But in case you’d prefer to have all your transactions via website and not through a physical office building. This way, you’ll save money from electrical/and or water bills, and from purchasing materials to build an office building. The only thing you’ll have to spend money on is the maintenance of the website, which is much more practical than maintaining your physical office.

7. Instant Communication

Some businesses require a 24-hour customer service. This means you or your workers have to stay behind and answer possible customer concerns, which may have an additional cost in electrical bills. However, if you have a website, you may include an FAQ section where your customers may immediately find the answers to their concerns. Another option is to build a chat support system where you can answer inquiries through instant messaging wherever and whenever. This also prevents you from sending printed mails or flyers, which can cost you money for paper and/or ink.

8. Time-saving

When you have a business, there’s a big possibility that your attention will be divided among yourself, your family, and your business. Chances are, you’ll have to visit your office every day, especially if your company encountered unforeseen problems. That may result in less time for yourself and family bonding. On the other hand, having a website for your business means solving company problems even when you’re at home and having more time for you and your family.

9. Potential Threat to Competitors

Competitions are everywhere, especially in business. We usually see endorsements about products being compared, and the sole fact that that brand has an advertisement is already an advantage. Same goes with having a website for your business. You can be a potential threat to your competitors if you have an online influence through your website. This way, you can reach a large number of consumers which is a big advantage if your competitors chose not to build their own website.

10. Additional Knowledge

This one may be optional if you’d prefer to hire a professional web developer to build your website. Otherwise, you may just learn even basic coding if you want a simple and minimalist website. The good thing is you’ll be learning something else which may be outside your expertise. Once you’ve gained experience in building your business website, you may use this ability to further expand your business and knowledge.

Building a website for your business doesn’t take too much effort and money. On the contrary, they may actually reduce your working time and expenditures without compromising the quality of your products and services.

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