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WordPress Development

Wordpress development services

We are an experienced team of WordPress Web developers who provide high quality services in WordPress development. Please feel free to contact us and find out for yourself
PSD to WordPress Development

PSD to WordPress

We create pixel-perfect websites whether we do WordPress theme customization, create custom WordPress themes or clean HTML
WordPress Plugin Development

Wordpress Plugin Development

In order to make the content change easier for you or for other developers, we develop WordPress plugins that can help you save time and make working on your website faster and simpler.


Whether you need a place where you can sell your products or rent it to your clients to sell their own products, we can create such it for you and your customers.


LibraFire Project Danmun
Danish Model United Nations (DanMUN) is a non-governmental organization...
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LibraFire Project Tennesseeans for a Responsible Future
Insure Tennessee is a homegrown solution that ensures working families...
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LibraFire Project 3G store
3G Store
3G Store - Redesign and responsive CSS coding for Ecommerce website. After redesign of this web shop sales increased due to the better UX and clearer visibility of the products...
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LibraFire Project SunPro
Sunpro Solar
Sunpro Solar is passionate about the solar energy revolution! Clean and light web presentation of products...
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LibraFire Project KIA
KIA Skill Cup 2016
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LibraFire Project HB Las Vegas
On The Wall
OnTheWall (OTW) is an online community dedicated to Health and Wellness.
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LibraFire WordPress Project Petromin
Petromin Corporation (Petromin) is a leading lubricants and automotive services company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
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LibraFire WordPress Project International Health Academy
TPG International Health Academy
TPG International Health Academy (TPG-IHA) hosts Trade/Study missions around the world for U.S. healthcare executives...
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LibraFire WordPress Project Blender reviews
Blender Reviews
Honest reviews to help you find the right blender | Blender Reviews..
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The Momentum Process

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Every project starts with a warm cup of conversation with our client. We like speaking to our clients, so we can get to know them and understand their needs better. When we get familiar with the project details, we start planning the strategy for the project realization.


We carefully plan every step of the project using a project management system. We divide the project into design, development, research and other sections to create documentation so that our clients can monitor the project much more easily.

Design & Development

Having finished the first two steps in the process, we are ready to do some coding and design. Based on the client's specification, we create design visuals. After the design is approved, development starts - a phase in which we create the actual, functional website.


Testing phase includes the testing of functionality, authenticity displaying of content, browser compatibility etc. This is a very important stage considering that this is the last step in the process before launching the project. If we find errors or an irregularity on the project, we step back to coding to fix that error so that in the end we get a clean version which is ready for launching.


The final step is launching a clean version of the project to a live server. After all steps are complete, and after client confirmation, the product is ready to be launched.

Our clients about us

LibraFire offers a great service. They have always replied and acted quickly based on the feedback they received from us. They also made an effort to understand our vision, and it must be noted that we had a rather fluffy vision at the beginning.
These guys are top notch! Thanks for a job well done.
Really enjoy working with LibraFire. Easy to work with and they go the extra mile without any complaints. Will definitely go back for more.
Highly recommend them for any work you need done! I worked with them previously and when I needed more work done, without hesitation, I went straight to them with the proposal and received the same level of attention to detail and timely response that were demonstrated the first time.
These guys knows their job perfectly and they deliver tasks entrusted to them in a very timely manner. I am very satisfied!!
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