Starfish Space project image

Starfish Space

We have partnered with a pioneering leader in satellite servicing, and leveraging their state-of-the-art servicing robots, we’ve crafted a custom WordPress CMS while captivating animations that highlight their cutting-edge capabilities. Our team has meticulously integrated these animations into a sleek, modern website design, ensuring a bespoke online experience that exemplifies top-tier performance and innovation.

Esyasoft project image


LibraFire designed a modern looking website and brought it to life with a custom Contentful CMS. This project aimed to support our client, a trailblazer in AI-powered technology and analytics for global energy transition projects, by effectively addressing their unique needs.

Intuilize Project image


By harnessing the emerging power of AI, our client created a software that is able to optimize hundreds of thousands of data points in moments, always accurately and without human error.

LibraFire crafted a professional website and brought it to life with a custom WordPress CMS, making future content updates a breeze. Our goal was to showcase Intuilize, our client’s amazing AI-powered tool, connecting it seamlessly with the target audience – distributors who will truly benefit from its use.

MacroMavens project image


MacroMavens is a renowned macroeconomic trends insights provider, aimed to create a robust and user-friendly online platform to deliver their valuable research and analysis to clients worldwide. Our custom WordPress development project for MacroMavens revolutionized their online presence by delivering a visually appealing, user-friendly, and feature-rich platform.

Countrywide project image


Our company has undertaken website design and development work for CountryWide, a distinguished company specializing in crafting premium classical oak houses.

The website was meticulously tailored and developed using WordPress, ensuring a customized and seamless online presence. The design reflects the exquisite craftsmanship and exceptional quality associated with the client’s oak houses.

Astro the Monster project image

Astro the Monster

Astro the Monster is a protagonist in a book series of the same name. Claude Jones, the creator of the book series, aspires to encourage, inspire, and motivate people with his words and deeds. 

For this client, our team successfully developed a custom Shopify store which promoted sales and made the book really stand out. 

Covert project image


Covert is an Australian based digital marketing agency focused on performance-driven data. Understanding the needs of the client as well as their process, LibraFire developed a compelling website that will scale their business just like they do it for their clients. Having future updates in mind, we developed a custom WordPress theme with high content editability, and we set the tone of the website with engaging animations that will draw their future clients. 

Discovering Therapy project image

Discovering Therapy

LibraFire has successfully designed and developed a cutting-edge website for a leading provider of online therapist services. Our team has leveraged Laravel’s powerful features to implement essential functionalities, such as user registration, secure payment processing, appointment scheduling, and secure messaging between therapists and clients.

Deurne Spreekt project image

Deurne Spreekt

We have successfully undertaken website design and development work for a unique platform created specifically for the residents of Deurne Municipality in the Netherlands. In addition to an appealing visual design, our development team focused on optimizing the platform’s performance, ensuring fast loading times and smooth functionality across various devices and browsers.

Avalon project image


Our company has successfully executed website design and development work for Avalon, one of the leading providers of technical solutions focused on electrical-energy efficiency. This custom developed WordPress theme effectively showcases the client’s range of technical solutions, highlighting their expertise in the field. With our attention to detail and dedication to delivering high-quality websites, we have successfully helped our clients enhance their online presence and engage their target audience effectively.

KYC-Chain project image


This project’s goal was to create a website for a compliance dashboard and white-label customer onboarding portal for companies to efficiently conduct due diligence on their customers, ensuring compliance with CDD, AML, and KYC requirements.

The goal of the project was to deliver an intuitive content management system (CMS) as an integral part of a high-performance website.

Egida project image


Our agency was hired to revolutionize the online presence of the Egida agency, an institution specializing in counseling, selection, and enrollment processes for educational institutions worldwide. Through a meticulous and innovative approach to custom WordPress theme development, our team aimed to provide an intuitive content management system (CMS) while ensuring exceptional website performance metrics.

Loni project image


LONI  is the world’s first device, vendor, and infrastructure agnostic network management platform, with a base in New York.

Our team was hired to create a design that will show the magnitude of their vision, and demonstrate the potential of their platform. LibraFire was responsible for developing a compelling custom WordPress website that eloquently communicates the possibility and significance of the platform. 

SelfKey project image


SelfKey is a blockchain technology startup that develops innovation in digital identity management while empowering individuals and corporations to own, control, and manage their personal data.

For the purpose of developing a custom WordPress theme, LibraFire was committed to making a tailor-made website that will encompass their commitment to changing the way of personal data management. 

GenLots project image


GenLots is a Switzerland based company that developed a reinforcement learning algorithm  with machine learning at its core, created to make complex supply planning seamless while promoting a substantial cost savings potential.

LibraFire was hired to design and develop a custom WordPress website that will communicate their vision to businesses who would greatly benefit from GenLots software. 

Soo More project image

Soo More

Soo More is envisioned as an online platform and marketplace operating in Germany, where people can hire skilled handymen to do the scope of work they have previously defined such as domestic repairs and minor renovations. 

LibraFire team has been entrusted with a task to create a custom design that works well with the objective of the platform, focusing on the best user experience.

AB Tennis project image


ABTennis is a tennis coaching resident located in an established tennis center in Greenwich, Australia.

To build a website with excellent performance, we made sure to provide superb CMS for content manipulations, following all standards and guidelines. Visually appealing and a high performing website generated a lot of new inquiries for tennis coaching services.

LA Click project image

LA Click

LA Click is a digital marketing agency based in the heart of Zurich, Switzerland, and their primary goal is to make companies around the world visible on the online market.

Creating a modern and visually appealing design, combined with custom WordPress development enabling numerous customizations of content and page layout, significantly increased the number of leads interested in the client’s digital marketing services.

MONFA project image


We created an intuitive design that makes it easier for users to use the application that was custom-developed in Laravel to be optimized and scalable for future iterations. The result is an online marketplace that enables users to buy products and send them to their loved ones at the desired address in Africa.

Xenius project image


Xenius is a web hosting solutions provider based in Belgium. They offer website hosting, CMS hosting, servers, backup solutions and colocation.

LibraFire created an appealing and unique design that will perfectly fit the clients needs in terms of user experience and user interface. The team was also responsible for developing a custom WordPress website, responding to the requirements of the clients business.

Rocchi project image


Rocchi a Belgian-based seller of Europe’s finest wines. Combining elegance, functionality, and a seamless user experience, this custom-designed website aims to enhance the online presence and sales opportunities within the thriving wine industry.

The website was meticulously developed using the WordPress content management system, chosen for its flexibility, scalability, and user-friendly interface. 

Pan Natura Africa project image

Pan Natura Afrika

PanNatura is a Germany based special tour provider operating on the European market. 

LibraFire was hired to create a simple yet coherent design that captures the essence of their brand while showcasing the diversity of their offer. Our team was responsible for developing a custom WordPress theme that will streamline their business needs long-term.

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