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Are you having trouble differentiating your brand or service from the other competitors? Have you already explored all your options and still, the problem can’t be solved? If yes, then you may consider creating a logo design.

In running a business, it is essential to have a trademark that will help the users to recognise the brand. It includes having a logo design that will define the kind of brand or service you are offering. They will be able to search for the brand by merely looking at the visuals which denote successful execution of brand recognition.

Definition of Logo Design

Before jumping to the importance and benefits of initiating your logo design, you should know first the actual meaning of it. Logo design pertains to the textual and visual image of the company. The main purpose of it is to let the people know about the name of the brand designed with an original style and pattern. If the text is highlighted with impressive graphics, then it would be easy for the customers to remember.
Most prominent establishments are known for their remarkable logos or symbols such as the ‘Disney’ and Google‘ which has marked their brand by simply changing the typography. Although it is only different for its font color and style, the society knows them by heart, and this means that they acknowledge their specific line of works. It goes the same for ‘Apple’ which is famous for its bitten apple logo. There is no need to exemplify the whole name. Just by merely seeing the logo, you can directly state the brand. Rather than using the initials or different font styles, it is designed with a particular image that describes the brand.

Difference Between Logotype And Logomark

Once You’ve Entered The Phrase Of Branding, Logo Design Would Be One Of The Critical Things You Need To Take Care Of, And If You Have Decided To Consult To A Professional Logo Designer, You Will Be Asked Whether You Want A Logomark Or A Logotype.

This Is Where The Difference Between The Logotypes And Logomarks Comes In. Notice How Some Of The Prominent Companies Or Websites Only Have An Icon To Represent Them While The Others Are Labelled With Their Full Name. It Is Because Both Of Them Are Using Different Kinds Of A Logo. To Fully Understand Their Contrasts And To Determine Which Type Do You Prefer Or Is More Suitable For Your Brand, Here Are The Differences Between The Two.


It refers to the textual design being the primary logo of the brand. It is recommended for those who are just starting up their business and wants the name of their brand to make it on the top list. You do not need to be in a dilemma if there will be conflicts once you add a symbol, for leading enterprises have already done it. Take ‘Android’ and ‘Pepsi’ for example. They have both types, and still, people can quickly recognise them. However, be careful in creating your logotype for it might take advantage the value of typography until there is no more space left for you to build a logomark. As much as possible, do not add unrelated styles but do not also overly simplify it. Logotypes are typically seen or opt for formality which implies with finance or law firms.


It is the literal symbol of the company or a brand which is not commonly made with the name of the company. Instead, an original figure which states the brand explicitly. It is used in social networking platforms such as ‘Instagram’, ‘Twitter’ and ‘Facebook. As well as car brands, ‘Hyundai’, ‘Toyota’ and ‘Ford’. It embarks a strong brand identity which is used by most notable establishments. The only downside of it is not able to display the name of the brand which means that it will only be useful if the company is already well-established in the market.

Aside from the existing contrast between the two, the combination of it can also be used by both novice and market leaders. Look at the logos of the dining restaurants such as ‘Pizza Hut’ which is famous for its logo with a hut roof above the name itself. It exceedingly flaunts creative visuals with the name of the company included in it. Once you have brilliantly made both types, then it would be easy for you to separate them and use them in a specific field of branding. See the ‘Android’ logo again as an example. The color and typography are excellently different from the robotic icon.

The process of creating a logo

In part with the deciding what kind of logo to use, the choice of color is fundamental for it will also represent the whole definition of the brand. Ask yourself if your brand compels with modern or traditional style. Express the feeling or the emotion you want your targeted audience to feel. Keep in mind that each color conveys a particular message like the red is for hunger which is used by famous restaurants such as ‘Wendy’s’, ‘KFC’ and ‘McDonalds’.

The next phase would be the selection of the font style. Especially, if you are sure that you want to use a logotype or a combination of both types. Similar to the colors, every form has its effect on the customer’s point of view. To exude formality, it would be best to use the ‘Serif’ ones like ‘Times New Roman’. For a more creative and artistic style, use ‘Script-like’ font faces which can be seen as calligraphy.

Unlike with the combination and separation of logotype and logomark in which you can change the usage of it based on a given category, both of them must be relatively consistent. Creating and displaying an entirely different logo just because you are not satisfied with the previous one would only cause confusions and this might also result in a significant loss. Take your time in designing your logo and be consistent with what you truly want.

Benefits of having your own brand’s logo

Many business owners are not aware of the essence of prioritising the logo design in the series of branding phases. Thus, they tend to experience failure. For this reason, listed below are the pros and reasons for why it is a must for every established enterprise.

  • Demonstrating Professionalism – It is significant for every business to impress their customers by having a proficient design. As stated earlier, formal designs are mainly for a law or finances firm. When it comes to their line of work, logos must be made by considering how the clients would feel. During the presentations, it would also symbolize high competency. Make it relevant and impactfull to prompt their interests.

  • Gaining the customer’s favour and trust – It would be easier, mainly, for the newcomers in the business field to earn the trust of the customers if they are established with a trademark that will out-stand the other competitors. You might even succeed in surpassing your standards and expectations of the users. If it is poorly made with insufficient support from a skilled designer, then the customers might think that the brand or the services are not reliable enough and inquiring to them would be a waste of time.

  • Achieving Global Identification – Despite the name being included in the logo, it does not need for a user to be fluent in English because the brand is not dependent on its textual aspect but to the whole logo and brand itself. Therefore, it will undoubtedly reach the international audience. If triggering the curiosity of the users outside your local area is a major part of your plan, then you need to emphasize your branding into logo design.

  • Presenting a Transparent Identity – This is the leading reason on why it is significant to incorporate your branding into a logo. Throughout the years, it has been proven that people are capable remembering the images faster than words. Hence, it will help you to rapidly spread awareness about your business and distinguish yourself from others. Customers will always search for something that is useful and credible, and with a mere view of your logo, they will directly know your profile and history.

  • Levelling Up your Rank – As we all know, competitiveness within the business field would always be high as countless entrepreneurs are embarking on the same goals and objectives. That is why you must exert time and effort into reassuring the audience that your brand aims for their needs and can provide them with better accommodations. In doing so, having a well-complemented logo will give you a favorable chance to be one step ahead with the competitors. It would be effective to compare your ideal logo with the most influential and prime enterprises. This will let you know if the logo can compete with theirs.


In summary, designing a logo should be based on the perspective of the company and the customers. With this in mind, your business will surely prosper into higher success.

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