Success does not come alone, and we know this perfectly well. Careers of our employees are one of the factors that matter the most for our company growth, because when your career grow the value of the company grows with you. Ever since our modest beginnings we have been focusing on our own strengths and one of our greatest strengths are people who through their expertise, work and growth influence the growth and development of our company. Responsibility, punctuality, quality and dedication are our second greatest strength and the recipe we use in our work from the very start, and one of the cornerstones of our success.

Each of our achievements is the result of teamwork and perfect synchronization of the individual talents of our people, if you want to contribute and take part in our joint accomplishments and to use or learn and develop new skills as an equal member of the team LibraFire will welcome you with open arms.

Why librafire?

The answer to this question is simple :

  • Excellent working conditions (equipment, software, workspace, colleagues who are always willing to help)
  • Excellent benefits for employees (coffee, drink, resting room, good working atmosphere)
  • Immediate and manageable management (owners available for each issue)
  • Possibility of promotion (in terms of knowledge, position and income)
  • Fair evaluation of the results achieved (reward according to the same)
  • For the rest you will have to ask our colleagues xD

How can we assist you?

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